Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

This is a bit earlier than I usually blog, but there is not anything for me to do right now.  This morning, we went to the MRI lab, which actually has nothing to do with the medical field.  The machine the interns use is called a NMR machine, which stands for nuclear magnetic resonance.  By using the NMR, the hydrogen concentration of an object can be determined.

When I got back to the lab, I created some RGB overlays of the clusters.  RGB overlays show more information than contours because each wavelength is still a complete image instead of generalized contours.  Lunch was interesting today.  Matt Greco and Jason made a frisbee out of two paper plates held together with duct tape.  They brought the "frisbee" outside and we threw it around.  surprisingly enough, it worked very well.

After lunch, Rupal stopped by to check my progress.  To smooth the images and remove noise, I need the new version of ds9.  We installed it, but it did not run at all.  Turns out, I am on one of the few computers in the building that will not run it.  The new ds9 will work only on Solaris 10 or higher, and I am running Solaris 9.  So I have to remote connect into a different computer until the one I am on is upgraded.  During the remainder of the afternoon, I worked on smoothing the x-ray images and creating RGB overlays.  I am glad with the progress I made today.

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