Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011

Today was spent working on the overlays, as usual.  I am learning more about what the different wavelengths tell and how to interpret them.  Here is an overview of what each of the wavelengths I am working with tell about the galaxy cluster.  Optical images show mainly stars of all ages, far ultraviolet shows young hot stars, x-ray shows hot gases spread through the cluster, and radio shows where the gas is being heated.  The most time consuming part of the process is determining alignment of the images.  I had to align several times because I integrated all four of the wavelengths into one image using RGB layering and contours for the fourth data set.

The movie during lunch was a talk by the creator of Dyson.  He talked about the engineering and testing that goes into all of their products.  Also, he talked about inspirations and innovations that got him started in design and engineering.  This was the most interesting of the movies shown so far.

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