Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5, 2011

This morning I realized that I did not have contour overlays with the smoothed images, so I started creating them.  I did not have the contours easily accessible, so I have to recreate them from the start.  Not that the original contours would help, since they were taken form images that were not smoothed.

Just before we left for the field trip, I was introduced to professor Ninkov.  Because I am interested in astronomy, he offered the opportunity to visit a local professional observatory if he takes his graduate students before my internship ends.

For today's field trip, the group went to the Xerox facilities in Webster.  The first part of the trip was a visit to the research center where we learned about new projects that are being formed  These projects include personalized medical videos, open air lit cigarette detection, computerized breathing rate detection, and security printing methods.  The second part of the visit was the manufacturing area where the iGen 4 printer and copier is produced.  The amount of space needed to create this device is enormous and the tolerances are around half the width of a hair.  Overall, the tour was very informational and interesting.

We returned around four, so I continued working on the smoothed contours.  No problems so far.

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